Strap in, y'all--it's a meeting of morbid minds in Episode 10. Join us for a special collaboration with the awesome podcast True Crime Fan Club, in which we consider two cases of child abuse/murder and examine the motivations behind them. First up, Lanie takes us through the horrific 1965 case of Sylvia Likens, a sixteen year old girl who was tortured to death by the "family" that took her in. Next, we look at a modern day equivalent--the torture and murder of Erica Parsons, betrayed by her adoptive family. 

In both cases, these girls were routinely abused by not only the adults in the situations, but by the other children/teens in their respective households. What impetus leads to such behavior? To try and unravel this horrid mystery, we look at several scholarly studies and discuss scapegoating, as well the evolutionary psychology theory of the Cinderella effect. Lastly, on behalf of True Crime Fan Club and Bone Palace Ballet, we donated to Prevent Child Abuse America--in honor of Sylvia and Erica. If you'd like to join us in donating, please go here:

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Dr. Phil episode featuring Casey and Sandy Parsons:

Larry Swartz is mentioned during the episode, and here's the This American Life episode I did about him:

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