In this episode, we go "way down down down in this subbacultcha" (thanks, Pixies). Specifically, we first parse Andy Warhol and his collective of NYC personalities and artists, including Valerie Solanis--radical feminist, writer, and an individual with schizophrenia. Solanis became involved with the periphery of Warhol's Factory collective, even as her mental illness and paranoia grew to dangerous levels; ultimately, she ended up shooting Warhol and adversely impacting the rest of his life. Next, we look at the advent of the late 80s'/early 90s' club kids--a roving group of NYC-based creative partiers and performance artists led by party promoter Michael Alig. Alig and his friend, Robert Freeze Riggs, murdered fellow club kid Angel Melendez and kept Angel's body in an apartment bathtub for days; finally, they dismembered him and set him afloat in the Hudson. Alig served his prison sentence and was released in 2014. Looking at both cases as a whole, we chat about subcultures, art and performative violence--and per usual, we discover that everything always turns to shit.

Show notes/links:

Valerie's S.C.U.M Manifesto:

James St. James' memoir is Party Monster.

Pixies "Subbacultcha" because duh, why WOULDN'T you want to listen:



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